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This site is dedicated to compressed natural gas, and all the resources needed to utilize the fuel. We can offer information about compressed natural gas (methane). We can help put together full packages to convert automobiles to run on this abundant, and low-cost fuel. We have sources for high-pressure CNG fueling systems both commercial, and residential, and we also have OEM compressed natural gas vehicles that we offer. We have over 50 years experience in the business of CNG. Please feel free to contact us with any of your CNG needs.

CNG Compressors

Our compressors can be sized for home or commercial use.

CNG compressors are designed to put out pressures in the 3000-5000 p.s.i. range. There are many different sizes of CNG compressors, some are relatively small, and designed for home use. These will compress about one gallon per hour into usable fuel for your automobile. Other CNG compressors are high output, and generally used commercially, these can produce six gallons per hour or more, and are generally a much higher cost unit. We can supply compressors to suit your need whether it is a home compressor, or the largest commercial design.

CNG Vehicles

We design and build CNG vehicles.

CNG Fueler is currently in the process of designing, and bringing to market a 100% compressed natural gas vehicle for road and highway use. The future of the automobile industry in the United States is the Compressed natural gas car. With foreign fuel prices soaring with no end in sight, We believe our abundant domestic fuel sources will eventually become widespread. This means there will be a huge demand for compressed natural gas vehicles, and we want to be the company supplying them.